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Exhibition Booth Design & Production

High quality, professional productions and innovative designs for events and exhibitions is our main focus at Bling Communications.

A well-designed, eye-catching booth is important for a successful exhibition and our booth production and set-up system for both outdoor or indoor exhibitions is one of our key services.

Bling Communications is highly experienced in event production and branding campaigns and we have a glowing track record which includes productions for “Bandai”, “Nu Pharm” and “ENICAR”. Whatever your product, message or service, we can create an exciting design plan to meet your needs.

Bling Communications provides:

1.  Exhibition designs with distinctive characteristics and effective product positioning

2.  Professional production of exhibition, event and venue decoration

3.  Organized and efficient decoration of exhibition booths

For enquiries please contact Bling Communications and our experienced staff will help you bring out the full potential of your business.