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Shopping Mall Event

Many shopping malls organize activities or campaigns at key festivals each year such as Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas

These events can help to both attract and retain consumers as well as boosting sales for tenant businesses.

Our professional event organizers has a rich record of planning and holding campaigns and seasonal events in various shopping malls including stage events, off-stage programmes and redemption and media placements.

Our event management services include:

1.  Festival celebration plans and decorations

We provide creative festival planning and decoration ideas for your promotion, to enhance appeal and impact

2.  Stage events and other promotional activities

We help pull in and retain more customers with exciting stage events and promotional activities.

3.  Redemptions

We organize gift redemption programmes which can improve consumer response and purchasing levels.

4.  Media placement

We use sophisticated media tools and technology to convey production information more comprehensively.

For more shopping mall event details, please contact us.